zhika virus case found

Zika Virus In India: First case in Karnataka, 5-yr-old girl tests positive For the Virus

Karnataka has found it’s first “ZHIKA VIRUS” case in Raichur district. Health minister of Karnataka said government is taking all the precautions to avoid the spread the virus. Govt is monitoring the situation continously.

zhika virus case found
Zhika virus cases found in raichur (Karnataka) today

Overall News

  • Karnataka has recorded it’s first Zika Virus Case today in Raichur district
  • A 5-year old girl tested positive for zhika virus
  • Karnataka health minister said they have taken all the precautions for avoiding spread of virus

Complete News :
The first case of zika virus is found in a five-year-old girl situated in Karnataka raichur district today. The Karnataka health minister spoke to press and assured that government is taking all the necessary measures for treating the patient and also lot of precautionary measures are taken in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

The samples were collected and sent to pune labs for testing. The reports says that the sample consists of “zhika virus” particles and it’s adviced to take all the necessary steps in order to stop further contamination.

What Karnataka Government Said on this case ?

The Karnataka govt health minister said that “we have taken each and every step to stop the spread of the virus and govt is well prepared to tackle the situation”.


The karanataka minister sudhakar said, few months ago the same type of zhika virus cases were found in Maharastra, Uttar pradesh, MP, etc. “But this is the first confirmed case in karanataka”.
This came into light when serum of few patients is sent to pune labs for testing. while testing the samples it was found that sample from a 5 year old girl is having “zhika virus” in it.
Further minister added that all the precaution measures have been taken and health department officials are informed to take the necessary actions in order to stop the spread of the virus. Officials are closely observing the situation and are well confident to save the children across the state.


The Zhika virus is first found in “Uganda in 1947”. The virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. It’s just like Maleria, Dengue, Chikungunya diseases where mosquito is the medium of transfer.
According to reports the Aedes mosquitoes bite mostly during early morning and late evening.

How serious is the infection

For most of the people the zhika virus infection is not serious, but it could be dangerous when it comes to pregnant women’s. The virus can cause microcephaly (a brain disability condition) or other conditions called congenital Zika syndrome where brain will be damaged seriously.

What steps should be taken by parents?

  • Keep your home free of mosquitos
  • Try to use mosquito nets while sleeping
  • Keep your sourrounds clean
  • don’t let water accumilate near your home
  • Try to use some mosquito killing creams
  • If you feel any sings of fever, cold or cough then immediately contact the doctor.

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