What will be the pension after 7th pay comission in karnataka

Karnataka govt is implementing 7th pay comission, where it is expected to have atleast 40% hike (fitment factor).
Based on that fitment factor and present DA we will try to find the what will be the hike for pension.

pension after 40% hike in 7th pay comission

Bangalore : On monday c m bommai announced the comitte for 7th pay comission where sudakar rao has been apointed as the president. The comitte will be giving it’s report in 2 months, after that it will be put forward the assembly then after taking clearence from finance department current govt employees and the pensioners will be getting benifits directly.

Here we will take example of a pensioner whose old pension will be 21000. The present DA is 31% so if we find the

DA amount 21000*31/(100) = 6510

old basic + 30% hike

21000 + 30% = 6300

Alright still now we have calculated the DA amount which is 30% of the old pension. which comes to be 6300.

New pension after 7th pay comission

So present DA will be merged with the previous basic and new DA of atleast 5% will be announced for all the employees. By taking these things into consideration if we calculate the new pension it will be something like this
21000 + 6300 = 27300 (old pension and DA merged togather here )
Now to find new pension

new pension = old basic + old DA + New DA 5%
= 27300 + 6510 + 1365
= 35175

The same calculations can be observed in the below image

New pension calculation

Alright so at the end we can see the total pension of the pensioners which they might receive after implementing 7th pay comission is someting like this
where old DA and old pension amounts will be merged togather and later the new DA of 5% will be added to get the final pension amount
The below image shows the final calculatios of the new pension

final new pension after 7th pay

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