SHL off campus coding question solved

Here we will discuss SHL off campus coding question asked through METTI platform.


Trailing Zeros

Given ‘n'(1<=n<=10^6), find the number of trailing Zeros in the factorial of ‘n’. The factorial of ‘n’ is defined as the product of all integers from 1 to ‘n’.

Return the number of trailing zeros in the factorial of given number.

Input Specification:

Input1: An integer for which you have to calculate factorial.

Output Specification:

Return an integer representing the number of trailing zeros

Example 1:

Input1: 5

Output: 1


The factorial of 5 is 120. The number of trailing zeros is = 1

Example 2:

Input: 4

Output: 0


The factorial of 4 is 24. The number of trailing z

SHL off campus coding question
SHL off campus coding question

Algorithm To Solve

  • Take input value from user that is N value
  • First find out the factorial of the given number (try to store the result in long type of variable as result might be a big number).
  • Using while loop keep dividing the number by 10 (N%10) which given last number as remainder, so when the remainder is equal to 0 (ZERO) increase a counter which indicates the number of trailing zeros.
  • Continue the above step untill we reach res >= 10, so at this point break the for loop and get the result printed


package arrayPrograms;

class Problem14 {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		int N=5;
		long res=1;
		int count=0;
		boolean flag=true;
		for(int i=1;i<=N;i++) {
		while(flag) {
			if(res%10==0) {
			if(res<10) {



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