Java code for finding factors of a Number

Here we will see how to find factors of a number. JAVA code for finding possible factors of a number.

what are Factors ?

A factor can simply defined as a number which divides given number completely. Completely divisible in the sense remainder after division should be zero.


number= 4

So for 4 we have following factors





consider number=12

factors are

12%1=0 , 12%2=0, 12%4=0, 12%6=0, 12%12=0

so all the combinations mentioned above are factors of number 12.

Now from above examples it is clear that for any number there will be 2 fixed factors

1) 1

2) number itself

How to find factors ?

As we already understood what are factors, now how to find factors for number.

It’s very easy just start dividing the given number starting from 1 until number itself. For example if we wish to find factors for 10, we will start from 1 that is 10%1, 10%2, 10%3,10%4, 10%5, 10%6, 10%6, 10%7, 10%8, 10%9, 10%10.

so out of above combiations onw which gives ZERO as a remainder will be considered as factors of 10.

if we observe closely 10%1=0 , 10%2=0, 10%5=0, 10%10=0 are the 4 combinations which gives ZERO remainder, therefore 10 has got 4 factors and these are 1,2,5,10.

Example2: factors of 16

16%1=0, 16%2=0, 16%4=0, 16%8=0, 16%16=0

so 1, 2, 4, 8,16 are the factors of 16


  1. Read the number from keyboard
  2. Use a for loop starting from 1 running upto number itself
  3. if number / i gives ZERO as remainder, consider it as factor
  4. Print the factors accordingly

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JAVA Code for Finding Factors

import java.util.*;
public class problem35 {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        // code for finding factors of a NUMBER 

        System.out.println("Enter the number:");

        Scanner sc=new Scanner(;

        int N=sc.nextInt();
        for (int i=1;i<=N;i++){

                System.out.println(i+" ");

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