Important Difference between wireless PSI and Civil PSI

Here we will understand key differences between wireless PSI and civil psi in karanataka. We will be discussing interms of general duty and salary for both the posts.

Civil PSI Duty ?

Civil PSI will be dealing with public directly. Officer is the key person for investigations of criminal cases which are recorded in station. Also when it comes tocivilpolice sub inspector most of the duties will be related to public safety, crimes in public places will be handled by civil police sub inspectors itself.

Wireless PSI Duty:

Wireless police sub inspector will be working inmore technical way. They will not be investigating the cases or crimes directly instead they will help the civil police subinspector to investigate and solve the cases. Wireless PSI will be having more technical knowledge so they will be mostly dealing with stuff related to communication or tracing the calls or finding the location of the suspect at particular time and date.

Who is more powerfull ?

When it comes to power we can partially say that civil PSI is having more duties so they have got more responsibilities hence they are a bit powerfull as compared to wireless. But we can’t just say this as they will be having their own role in respective field.So if it came to technical investigation then wireless psi have got more authority and knowledge.

Civil PSI Wireless PSI
1) Deals directly with public 1) Don’t deal directly with public
2) Does investigation of crimes (complete)2) Does only partial investigation of crimes (Technical investigation)
3) Morepowerfull when it comes to dealing with people 3) Less powerfull when it comes to dealing with people
4) Less technical knowledge 4) Moretechnical knowledge
Difference between wirelesspsi and civil psi

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