How to Apply For Arivu Education Loan in Karnataka

In this post we will discuss how to apply for arivu education loan scheme in karnataka. All the documents required for Arivu education loan scheme.

Arivu loan scheme Complete Details

Table of Contents

  1. What is Arivu Education Loan
  2. Why one should choose Arivu Education loan
  3. Advanatages of Arivu education loan
  4. Interest rate for Arivu education loan
  5. Who is eligible for Arivu loan
  6. Documents required for Arivu loan
  7. How to Apply online for Arivu loan
  8. Hard copies of documents submission
  9. How to renew after 1 year

What is Arivu Education Loan

Arivu is the educational loan scheme offered by government of karnataka for students studying in various streams of education. Arivu loan is specially offered for candidates belonging to minority department. The loan is alloted at the time of seat allotment by karnataka Examination authority. Interest rate for arivu education loan is ery low that is only 2% annually. The re-payment of loan can be done in installments of 5 years. The Arivu education loan amount varies from 1 lakh to 24 lakhs depending the type of course the candidate is pursuing . Also Arivu department pays for candidates expendetures like laptop amount, books and other stationary products. If the candidate is living in hostel, then hostel expenses are also paid by arivu department.

ARIVU Education Loan

Why one Should choose ARIVU LOAN Scheme

Generally if we take loan from any private financial institutes the monthly interest rate will be 24% which means for 100000/- loan amount we have to pay 24000/- as interest in 1 moth. Therefore after 1 moth total amount needed to be paid will be 1240000/-. Which is not affortable for any student in india.

Now consider another second case where we will be taking loan from any nationalized bank like SBI, BOB, Canara Bank etc. The nationalized banks will be offering loan for interest rates around 7-10 % anually. Which means if we take same 100000/- loan after 1 year we need to pay 7000 – 10000/- as interest (Annual). Therefore after 1 year we need to pay total 107000/- to 110000/-. Which is good compared to private financial loans. But still it is not affortable for students as they don;t have any source of income.

No in Third case which is ARIVU, assume we have taken same amount of 100000/- as loan amount. But for arivu loan as we discussed earlier the interest rate is only 2% which means the annual interest for 100000/- will be only 2000/- (Anually) which is great as compared to other two schems. So at the end of the year we will be repaying 102000/. which is much lesser than other two schems.

Advanatages of ARIVU Education Loan

  1. Lower interest rate of 2% anually
  2. Instantly credited within 2 days
  3. Government loan
  4. No suerity required
  5. Can pay in 5 years tennure
  6. Suitable for students
  7. Range from 1 lakh to 25 lakhs depending on type of education

Interest Rate for ARIVU Education Loan

As we have already discussed the interest rate for ARIVU loan is 2% anually. Which means if we take 100000/- as loan amount we need to pay 2000 interest rate as per 2% annual policy. So after 1 year we have to pay 102000. which is on brighter side as copared to other private institutes which charges from 20 – 24% monthly.

Who is Eligible for ARIVU Loan Scheme

Different type of candidates are eligible to avail education loan in karnataka.

MBBS: For candidates studying in government or private aided colleges ARIVU loan is given with annual interest rate of 2%.

Engineering: For various candidates studying in engineering colleges. Private, private aided and government colleges. Various branches are eligible for engineering like, Electronics and communication, computer science, Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, information science, automobile engineering, industrial products etc.

BAMS: For candidates studying in government or private or private aided colleges. Loan is provoided with annual rate of 2% .

M.Tech: For candidates doing masters in any private, private aided or government colleges. Loan is given with annual interest arte of 2%.

MBA : For candidates doing MBA in any private, private aided or government colleges. Arivu education loan is provoided with a annual interest rate of 2%.

All other types of Master degree Cnadidates

Eligibility for ARIVU loan scheme

Documents Required for ARIVU Loan

  • SSLC Marks card
  • PUC Marks card
  • Caste and income
  • passport size photo
  • thumb impression (left)
  • degree marks sheets (If applying for masters loan)
  • etc

How Apply for ARIVU Loan Scheme

Keep ready all the documents mentioned above. Click on the below button to visit official Website of ARIVU loan scheme

want to know step by step how to apply online, watch below online

Official Website for Applying Online

Hard Copies of Documents to be Submitted

Once we you submitt online application on official website CET fees will be paid by ARIVU department. After that we need to submitt few documents hard copies.

2 bonds first party candidate

2nd party ARIVU department

suerity letter

parents approval letter

admission order

college fees receipt

addahar card

bank pass book

pan card

income and caste certificate

living certificate

address proff

bonafied certificate

study certificate


All the above documents will be clarified once you visit Respective district offices

How to Renew Application After 1 year

To renew application candidate has to submitt following documents on online portant .

Previous year marks cards

Fees Receipt of previous year

bonafied certificate

study certificate

You can watch the following video for detailed step by step explanation for renewable

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  1. Hello I my PUC and return ke CET exam and got admission in engineering college and I already paid fees to kea at that time I didn’t know about the educational loan but I need that loan how I can avail this now or not even now means in can I get the next year .
    Please sir Guide me

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