Hacker Earth Coding Question with Solution

Consider a square matrix A of size NxN and an integer x which is an element of matrix A. Find the number R and colunm number C of x in A. And also calculate the sum of R and C. If the sum is even, find the sum of the digits of all even numbers in the matrix, and if the sum is odd, then find the sum of digits of all odd numbers in the matrix.

Read the input from STDIN and print the output to STDOUT. Do not write arbitary strings while reading the input as these contribute to the standard output.


  • 1<N<=35
  • 0<=R,C<N
  • x is always an element of A
  • Elements of A are unique

Input Format:

The first line of input contains N

The next N lines of input contains N integers, each separated by a single white space.

The last line of input contains x

Output Format

The output contains S.

Sample Test Cases




11 22 33

44 55 66

77 88 99





Here x=55 is present at the second row and second column of thegiven matrix A. so R=2 , C=2 therfore R+C=4

There fore S=(2+2)+(4+4)+(6+6)+(8+8)= 4+8+12+16= 40

Hence the output is 40




454 55 521 14

78 326 104 989

23447 174 87 845

25 81 53 11




Hacker Earth Coding Question
Hacker Earth coding question

Algorithm to solve

  1. Take the input from user that is Matrix A and the key element (x).
  2. Now with the help of nested for loop find the R and C values.
  3. Add R and C and divide sum by 2 if remainder is 0 the find the sum of the digits of even numbers as specified in below steps else find sum of digits of odd numbers.
  4. For even sum: take each and every element from matrix A using while loop keep dividing the number by 10 until it is less than 10 itself. parallely keep adding the remainder to sum variable.
  5. For odd sum : take each and every element from matrix and follow the same steps specified above to find the sum of digits of all odd numbers.
  6. Once gettinf the sum then print it to screen.


package arrayPrograms;
import java.util.*;
class Problem10 {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		// Coded by  VRASHIKESH PATIL 
		int N=3;
		int[][] array1= {{454,55,521,14},{78,326,104,989},{23447,174,87,845},{25,81,53,11}};
		int key=104;
		int R=0,C=0;
		int S=0;
		for(int i=0;i<array1.length;i++) {
			for(int j=0;j<array1[i].length;j++) {
				if(array1[i][j]==key) {
		for(int i=0;i<array1.length;i++) {
			for(int j=0;j<array1[i].length;j++) {
				if(array1[i][j]%2==0 && (R+C)%2==0) {
					int rem=0;
					while(array1[i][j]!=0) {
				else if(array1[i][j]%2!=0 && (R+C)%2!=0){
					int rem=0;
					while(array1[i][j]!=0) {


Watch complete explanation for above code

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