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Fix DLL File missing error in Audacity

How to fix dll file missing error in audacity.How do i fix missing dll files error in audacity, What is the easiest fix for a missing DLL error?, How do I reinstall missing DLL files?, When there is a missing DLL file. So in this atricle we will understand how to fix DLL files missing error in audacity. How to install audacity software in proper which will not throw dll file missing error again.

What is AUDACITY software

Audacity is basically a free digital open source audio editor for getting crystal clear audio just like movies. Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software, available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and other Unix-like operating systems.

Advantages of Audacity software

  • Audacity is easy to use software with userfriendly UI.
  • It’s open source which means we need not to pay for using audacity software.
  • It is powerful interms of reducing noise and increasing the strength of voice.
  • The voice quality is very good noise reduction.
  • Got lot of other features other than noise reduction like, increasing the strength of voice, increasing the bass, increasing the power of voice signal.
  • Apart from this there are lot of other features which makes audacity a powerful device for getting higher quality audio.

DLL File Missing Error & How to Fix It

What is DLL File issing error

When we download audacity software and try to install it throws most common error called as “dll files are missing from your computer ” . Now there is a meaning behind dll file missing error, which states few files which are reuired for working of audacit software are missing from the file which you have downloaded. So if these files are missing the audacity can’t function properly or not function at all.

Dll File missing error

How to fix dll file missing error

Well thre are lot of ways to fix the dll file missing error.

Method 1:

The first way is simplest of all which is just to un-install the present version of audacity and re-download another audacity software. But here there are less chances that issue will be resolved as there are possibilites that new file downloaded might contain same dll file missing error again. Moreover if we are trying to downloa higher version of audacity then we need to use higher version windows operating system. Which is not true for every user as they might be using windows 7, which will create problem.

Method 2:

This method is best suited for everyone inspite of using any lower version of windows this method works for everyone. Here we will be following most simple approach like removing the existing audacity software and installing the new software (Download link below) which is already fixed for DLL Files missing error. which simply means you need not to worry about dll files anymore we have already fixed those and you just need to plug and play that thing.

Steps for Installing…

  • To begin with uninstall previous software (Software with errors).
  • Delete its file from root ie from computer memory. While un installing this will happen automatically, but still to be on safer side just cross check it’s deleted or not.
  • Now very imortant step is download the instalation file from below link (Which is aleady fixed for dll errors).
  • Now just follow the instructions given by installation wizard.
  • At the end your softwar will be 100% instaled correctly and thank me later….
  • That’s it you just done a great job and start enjoying audacity software.

If you want to watch how to do installation here is the official video

Installation of DLL file missing error audacity software

Download Link for Audacity Software

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