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Hello everyone in this article we will discuss what is extension number and how to dial extension number on mobile phone. Here we will come to know what is phone extension (extension number meaning). Also we will discuss how to dial these numbers easily using mobile phones.

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  • What are extension numbers ?
  • How extension numbers work ?
  • What is the use of extension numbers
  • How to dial extension numbers

What is extension Number ?

Extension number is a short internal number provoided for large organization. Extension number is used to contact different persons, departments in an organization. All extension numbers will be using a common number which is main organization number.

How to dial extension number


Consider there a engineering college, as we all know there will be different departments in every engineering college like MECH, ECE, CIVIL, CSE, CCT etc. So if you want to communicate to a particular department we need to dial extension number allocated for that department.

Let us say the main number for orgranization is 12345678, now the extension number for

MECH is 912

ECE is 913

CIVIL is 914

CSE is 915

CCT is 916

So if you want to communicate with ECE department we need to follow 2 steps

  1. To begin with just dial the Base number (organization number).
  2. Now it will ask for extension number, just dial 913.

That it you will be connected to ECE department number.

Similarly if you want to connect to CCT Department then follow STEP 1 as it is and for STEP 2 just dial the extension number as 916. Which will connect you to CCT department.

What is use of extension number

  • In an large organization it is used to connect to various departments.
  • Extension number is used to connect to different persons.
  • Various branches of university can be connected using extension numbers.
  • Helpful in structuring the organization.

How to dial extension numbers

There are two different scenarios for dialing extension number

  1. For ANDROID users
  2. For MACOS Users

For Android Users

  1. To begin with dial organizations base number
  2. Then long press # which will create : on the keypad then add the extension number and hit dial button. Example 123456:191, Here 123456 is the organizations base number and : (colons) indicate its next element is extension number and 191 is the actual extension number.
  3. For some operating systems the above step2 may not work in that case instead of long pressing # just long press on 0 (Zero) which will give + sing on keypad then enter your extension number and hit dial button.

For MacOs Users

  1. To begin with dial organizations base number
  2. Here instead of longpressing anu button you just need to give , (comma) before entering extension number.

    Example: Let 123456 be the organizations base number

    188 be the extension number

    It would look like this 123456,188

Want to see the tutorial on dialing extension number click here

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