Bring Back OPS – Supreme court order good news for govt employees

Supreme court has ordered to bring back the OPS (old pension scheme) for all the government employees in central as well as state.
Due to this judgement all the employees who got appointed after 2004 April 1 will be getting fixed pension.

Supreme court order :
Today supreme court has ordered the central as well as all state governments to grant or give pension for all the government employees pre-applied from 2004.
Due to this decision now all the employees who got appointed after 2004 will be getting fixed pension. which will ensure surety of life for all the employees

Supreme court judgement for OPS

The NPS employees committee made there move towards court for getting OPS. The advocate from NPS committee has put forward all points but court discarded all the points up held the decision of making OPS for every government employees.

What is NPS and OPS difference ?

In 2004 April government of India came up with a new idea called NPS (New Pension Scheme). Before this govt of India used to pay the total pension amount, due to this lot on money was getting wasted on pension itself. So in NPS govt proposed that we will deduct nearly 10% of monthly salary and that amount will be deposited in stock market. As we know if we invest some amount in stock market depending on how market is performing, we will get interest from that itself the pension will be given to employees.

What is the problem of employees ?
Due to implementation of NPS employees started facing several issues, one of the major issue was related to getting very poor amount of money. Like for the employees who has worked as “village accountant” the monthly pension was only 350 to 450 rupees. The amount is not sufficient for doing mobile recharge. Then how can we think of medical issues at the age 60 and above could be handled.
Due this major reason government employees started requesting the govt for OPS (old pension scheme ) itself, But despite of several requests the government didn’t respond in a proper way or they didn’t gave any green signal. so employees stepped ahead and made their move towards court for getting the justice.

Finally the verdict ended and judgement came in Favour of NPS committee and court instructed employees to give old pension scheme for all employees again.


18 Months DA to be released in 3 installments

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