India China Face off again in Tawang Valley

Again India-China Border crisis Rises in Tawang valley: Why, Where and what’s next

On December 9 Indian and Chinese soldiers again clashed in a place called “Yangtse”, which comes under the Tawang valley area in Arunachal Pradesh. The whole Arunachal Pradesh and near by areas are the points of contestation between India and China.

A Image showing How china is building structures near Border

Hours after the Indian defense minister rajnath singh addressed parliament saying that Chinse soldiers tried encroaching the Indian borders near Yangtse which comes under Tawang valley area. The PLA claimed that the chinse troops were on their usual way of patrolling and Indian soldiers tried crossing the LAC.
Also a PTI report is released by China by Long Shaohua said “Our soldiers responded in a professional and standard manner which helped to stabilize the situation”. Moreover they added we advise Indian force to work properly and try to help them in maintaining peace at border.

This is the biggest clash after the deadly clash happened in January 2020 where several soldiers dead.

Why Tawang Sector

Soldiers of both the sides were clashed in a point called Yangste which falls under the upper corner of the Tawang valley.
Tawang is said to be the birth place of the 6th Dalai Lama an important pilgrimage of the Buddhists. It is said that the 14th Dalai Lama took shelter in Tawang after China encroached Tibet in 1959.
In Tawang there are mainly 3 areas where borders are defined clearly. Yangste is a 21km border line from Tawang town. due to these reasons it’s a point of clash between Indian and Chinse army for several days.

Tawang Area the point of Face off between India and China

Indian stand on face off

The Indian defense minister said Indian troops had confronted the PLA, and a “physical scuffle” ensued. Indian soldiers stopped the Chinse soldiers entering into Indian territory. The clash caused injuries on both the sides but no fatalities were registered on both sides.

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