About Us

Hello Everyone welcome back to Is It Actually site. Our motto is straight and simple “Lets learn Togather“. This is the sight which gives crystal clear explanation for each and every topic. The fields or areas covered in tghis website inclueds programming knowledge, electronics knowledge, How to crack compitative exams and much more topic are covered.

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Who I am ?

Hello, My name is Shree and i am an Employed engineer!. Though by profession i am an engineer i would like to do a lot of extra things which aline with my talent and blogging is one of those skills which i love to do more and more. I have been blogging for last 2 years and the experience which i had is awesome. It’s really a wonderful experience while your are doing some stuff which helps lot of people everyday.

I have done my Engineering and Masters from VTU BELGAUM University karnataka. I have completed my BE in “electronics and communication engineering” after that i did my masters in “Digital communication engineering”.

In addition to writing blogs i also create youtube videos whicha are helping a lot of peoples evryday. I own a youtube channel named Is It Actuallywhich has got around 2000 videos till date and a lot more to come in future. Got a huge community of Millions of users visiting the youtube channel every month.

What can I offer

By refering to my previous introduction you can expect a lot of things from me. The thing for which i can assure is “Quality Content” and “Trust worthyness”. The information which you will be getting here will be provoided with complete source identification. I cover various topics like programming which inclued different types of languages examples java programming, python programming, HTML & CSS, Java script(JS), Oracle SQL, Frameworks like Node JS, Vie js, angular js etc.

My skill set

I have got knowledge on various fields but my primary knowledge is programming whcich includes whole lot of different languages like java programming, python programming, HTML & CSS, Oracle SQL Development etc.

But apart from these i also have kneen interest on building websites from scratch, making beautiful youtube videos which actually helps lot of people evryday. Making android apps deploying online servers and maintaining them.

  • Programming in different languages like java, HTML &CSS, Java script, Oracle SQL, frame works etc
  • Making good responsive websites and deploying them on high speed engins.
  • Making beautiful youtube videos which helps a lot of people evryday.
  • Writing Blogs and Creating Android Apps.