Bristlecone Company complete information

In this post we will understand about bristlecone company and it’s working areas. Also we will see what is the relation between bristlecone and mahindra group of companies.



Bristlecone is a service based company founded in 1998, the head quaters are located in San Jose, California USA. The strength of this organization is around 2500. Bristlecone is part of the $19.4 billion Mahindra Group. The working industry of bristlecone includs IT Services and IT Consulting. The Specialties includes the following Supply Chain Solutions, SCM, Procurement, Sourcing, Analytics, SAP IBP, Enterprise & Cloud Integration, Data Management, Decision Science, Organizational Change Management, Supply Chain, SAP Ariba, Supply Chain Apps, SAP S/4HANA, Digital Transformation, Digital Logistics, Cognitive Manufacturing, Autonomous Planning, Smart Procurement, and Digitalization

Meaning of Bristlecone Name ?

Bristlecone name is derived from a oldest pine trees varity normally found in europian countries. The specilty of pine trees is that they are capable of surveving in harsh environment and they are one of the longest lived trees on earth. In the same way company stands for it’s long life in industry and surveiving in harsh environment.

Meaning of bristlecone

Bistlecone product based or service based company ?

Generally we know a company is said to be product based company if it creates a product of it’s own. We have lot of companies which own their products like phone pay, ola, uber, redbus etc

Bristlecone is “service based company ” it’s IT consulting cmpany which provides consultation for other companies. They won’t own any product of their own but they work on projects of other companies as well.
Overall we can conclud that bristlecone is service based company .


Founded in 1998
HeadquarterSan Jose, California
StrengthOver 2500 consultants
IndustriesIT Services and IT Consulting
Type of companyservice based company
About bristlecone Company

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