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7th pay commission latest News-Drug controller building rented By Pay Committee

In this article we will discuss latest updates on 7th pay commission. The recent news is that the pay committee has rented space for working which is allocated by Karnataka govt.

Pay commission Office

Recently the new 7th pay committee has created 44 posts for working on various aspects of pay commission. The 44 posts include several posts like IAS level posts like secretary of pay committe, also it inclued several other posts like typist, data entry operator etc. Most of the new employees will be taken within the organization and these posts are for temporary time so as soon as committe gives it’s reports the employees will be sent back to their original posts.

Now the karnataka govt has released a official note regarding the permission to take 3rd floor of the “Drug controller office”. But this is not for free of cost for this the pay committe has to pay monthly rent depending on the rates in that region.

7th Pay committee office in Bangalore

7th pay commission is starting it’s work

As we all know the most important factor towards new pay commission is the report of pay committee. Already the Karanataka govt has given time of 6 months to submit the report for 7th pay commission fitment factor. So now officially pay committee has started it’s work and will be studying various factors in country and state. The factors taken into consideration are like “inflation”, “interest rates of RBI”, “AICPI Index ” (All india consumer price index) etc.
So depending on these factors and also the committee will study how the neighboring states have given the fitment factor. Like Maharashtra has given a fitment of 40% for their employees and same is the case for other states like Andra, Telangana, Kerala etc.

Expected Fitment for 7th pay commission

The 6th pay commission in karanataka has given the fitment of 30% during congress party in karanataka, But the inflation rate was not too high during that time. As we all might be aware the inflation rate in india and in world is at it’s peak and soo called recession is coming. So if we take all these things into consideration then it’s obvious that goverment should give minimum fitment factor (Expected Hike in basic salary) of 40% which will make sure that at least 15000/- increased for least level group-D employees.

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