545 PSI Recruitment FIR Filed Against Candidates

545 civil police sub inspector recruitment (CIVIL PSI) in karnataka 2022. The FIR Has been filed aganist the candidates who has been involved in 545 psi recruitment corruption. The accused is known to give 50-60 lakhs of bribe for getting this Job.

545 PSI Recruitment FIR Filed !

Karnataka 2022 recruitment by KSP for 545 police sub inspector recruitment. The recruitment nw has taken a move, FIR has been launched aganist the candidates who were involved in Bribe giving activity. The current activity is escalated from the protests done in past by various prople and organizations in karanataka.

545 PSI Recruitment

In 2021 the final examination was held for Police sub inspector recruitment in karnataka. The examination consists of two papers, paper1 and paper2. The papaer1 was held for maximum of 50 marks and paper2 is held for maximum of 150 marks. The paper1 will be having descriptive answers but paper2 will be of multiple choice answers. Total lakhs of candidates applied for 545 psi posts in karanataka.

What is the issue ?

In 2022 first month the results for 545 psi posts were published, but they seem to be biashed by criminal activates in recruitment. The reason being the candidates who scored 15 marks in first paper have scored almost 130 out of 150 marks for seond paper which simlpy impossible. If the candidate is having capability of scoring 250 marks in second paper then first paper score must be atleast 30 out of 50.

So this led everyone to think on the recruitment process and opacity of recruitment. Is it conducted optimally, was the whole recruitment process hapend seemlessely.

So with time lo of people and news channels, social media started raising questions on whole recruitment process. So in order to go through the recruitment reality karanataka govt ordered to investigate on this whole process and punish the people wh are involved in bribe taking and giving activites.

CID Involved in Investigation ?

So when the case escalated and people started raising questions aganist government of karnataka, the government given investigation of this case to CID. Officer named SRI K H DILEEP KUMAR has been apointed as the investigating officer for whole process. Once the investigation started it has been noticed that lot of people has been involved in bribe giving activity for getting job in ksp.

FIR in Chowk Poilice station kalaburgi

Now the FIR has been filed in the chowk police station of kalaburgi, kalaburgi north sub Divison. Complete information has been given in first investigation report. Now police and CID is in full action to get the accused into custody. It has been estimated that lot of people will be involved in this crime and all are going to get what they deserve according to indian penal code. The FIR has been filed in previous sections like IPC code: 120B, 465, 468, 471, 420balso 34RD.

FIR filed for recruitment process

How corruption occured ?

Whenever candidates write exams two OMR copies will be there, one being the carbon copy for candidates reference and a original copy which will be sent for evaluvation. One candidate has marked only 21 questions like question numbers: 14, 15, 16, 17, 31, 32, 33, 34, 39, 40, 42, 57, 60, 61, 64, 66, 68, 71, 73, 90, and 97.

But when the OMR which has been sent for actual evaluvation was checked it consists of all 100 questions answered. Moreover it has been observed that all the 21 questions answered in carbon and original copy are same.

Original OMR Copy

Suspect Candidate ?

The suspect is veeresh candidate from kalaburgi wit candidature id: 2271151 and rool number; 9221946. The candidate has writeen exam from JNANJYOTHI ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL GOKUL NAGAR, GDA LAYOUT kalaburgi city karanataka. The examination center is located 3KM from police statin towards east.

Result sheet

FIR Copy

Karnataka government has released FIR copy for public. Now it is accesible for everyone in india. Here we have attached the FIR copy.

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